Interesting app that grabs a joke from the /r/Jokes subreddit and displays it in the notification area of every computer on your network, so you can have a laugh with all your coworkers.

  • JokesOnYou
  • Version :0.2.3
  • License :Trial
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Florian de Jong

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JokesOnYou Description

A little fun at the workplace is never a bad thing, but you may be reluctant to share funny things you find on the Internet with your coworkers when you’re supposed to be working.

JokesOnYou is a pretty cool app that grabs random jokes from the /r/Jokes subreddit and displays them in the notification area of every PC on the network where it is installed. It could use some improvements, but it is definitely an interesting concept

Synchronizes jokes with all PC’s on the network

First of all, you need to install the application on every coworker’s PC. There is no need to configure anything else, as the program should automatically keep track of jokes on the master client and share them with all other instances.

For the most part, this feature seems to work quite well, but we did encounter a couple of instances when more than one joke was displayed at the same time. This issue may not be common, but it is worth keeping in mind that bugs could still be present.

Promising app that needs a few more features

Unfortunately, it is not possible to change the default joke interval, which is five minutes. We hope this option will be introduced in future releases.

The application displays some stats if you click the system tray icon, which seem to indicate how many jokes have been displayed and the number of users that are connected. However, first-time users may find these to be a bit confusing.

Most importantly, however, it doesn’t seem to be possible to filter jokes or control how the app picks them. Sadly, a good number of jokes on Reddit are just not that funny, and some may not be appropriate for a work environment.

With a few more tweaks, this app could bring you lots of laughs

On the whole, JokesOnYou is an original application that lets you enjoy some of the funny stuff on /r/Jokes with other users on the same network. It still needs a bit more work though, as it has a few bugs and offers a pretty limited feature set.

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