BatchPhoto Enterprise

A software utility that enables you to modify your photos by resizing, cropping and rotating them, as well as add a wide range of filters and effects.

  • BatchPhoto Enterprise
  • Version :4.2
  • License :Demo
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Bits&Coffee

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BatchPhoto Enterprise Description

In order to add filters on your image collection, you usually need a bit of previous experience with photo manipulation software to be able to obtain the desired results. But, thanks the ever-increasing photography market, applications are getting more and more simple to use, which allows almost anyone to easily adjust and tweak their images.

Process files in batch mode and convert them to a wide range of formats

Bits&Coffee BatchPhoto Enterprise is a software utility that enables you to easily adjust your pictures and process a large number of files at the same time. The batch mode is the defining characteristic of the application, since it provides you with the means to tackle as many images as you want at once, with minimal waiting times and the same quality level for every file involved in the process.

As far as the supported output formats go, there are very few extensions that are not present, while the rest are all included and they can be used depending on your personal preferences. Hence, from common JPG, BMP and PNG extensions, all the way to slightly more exotic options, like EPS, TGA or UYVY, they are all at your disposal.

Choose from a multitude of available filters and adjustments

At its core, Bits&Coffee BatchPhoto Enterprise is a photo manipulation utility, which means that it provides you with a wide range of filters, effects and image adjustments. This allows you to enhance the color balance, contrast level, brightness and the amount of overall sharpness. Furthermore, special effects can also be applied, including blur, emboss and noise.

Beside the color and quality adjustments, you have control over functions like crop, rotate and flip as well. In addition, you can add custom comments, the current date and time, as well as your personal watermark on top of the photos, whether in image logo form, or in plain text. Frames and borders can also be applied on every picture, as well as shadow effects.

In conclusion

All in all, the rich amount of features and options make Bits&Coffee BatchPhoto Enterprise a very useful application, especially due to its batch processing capabilities that can save you a great deal of time. In addition, the modern and intuitive interface is friendly enough to allow anyone to make use of it, regardless of their experience level.

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