32 Float

A feature-packed Photoshop plug-in that enables you to enjoy HDR functions, noise reduction, tone-mapping and other adjustment tools.

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32 Float Description

Photography aficionados and those who are involved in image processing and use Adobe Photoshop for their image blends could seek for a lighter plug-in to allow them enhanced HDR processing. 32 Float is a plug-in that was created to offer users with a dedicated HDR editing module, which they can use in Photoshop. It will allow them to merge images both manually or automatically and apply various effects such as glaring, dodging, burning, etc.

Stylish interface that offers users an easy handling and multiple image adjustment tools

The plug-in carries a well-designed interface that features a dark theme throughout the menus, which facilitates an easy image viewing. Once they have selected the preferred images for the HDR blending, users can drop them across the interface and they will be greeted by a blending wizard.

They will be able to either allow the plug-in to blend them automatically or choose to perform the task manually. Once the blending process is completed, the plug-in will offer several predefined effects presets, which contain their image adjustments embedded. For those who wish to manually edit their images, multiple adjustment tools are provided.

Merge images to HDR and apply various effects, with this compact and lightweight Photoshop plug-in

After merging their images, users will be able to add various effects, such as glaring, dodging and burning or perform operations such as tone mapping, noise reduction and curve toning. Multiple sliders, which also contain numerical input fields are provided and a histogram and image navigator complete the bundle.

Looking on the downside of things, experienced users who are used to more advanced image editing tools might find it odd that the tone curve doesn’t offer direct adjustment by dragging the curve on the graph. Additionally, the performance settings do not allow RAM allocation and this could also be frustrating.

Good Photoshop plug-in that will help users create HDR images and apply various adjustments

This plug-in addresses those who require a quick and efficient way of merging images to HDR outputs and perform image editing. It will provide them with a Photoshop plug-in that offers both automatic and manual image blending, several effects presets and multiple tools for performing image adjustments. Coming with few minor drawbacks that might be noticed only by experienced users, 32 Float could prove to be a good HDR blending tool.

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