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Easily view EAGLE circuit board files (.brd) and quickly search for any component with the help of this lightweight and useful application.

  • Open Board Viewer
  • Version :0.4
  • License :MIT License
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :chloridite

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Open Board Viewer Description

If your work implies designing circuit boards, then you may have heard about EAGLE (short for Easily Applicable Graphical Layout Editor). In a few words EAGLE is a CAD app that enables you to create circuit boards, in .brd format.

Because at times, working with EAGLE and viewing the whole complexity of a .brd file can prove to be a bit counter-intuitive, you can take advantage of a lightweight app, appropriately named Open Board Viewer.

As you may have guessed, the utility is designed to help you view .brd files and all the components of any EAGLE circuit board.

Effortlessly view EAGLE circuit board files

You can start working with the app right off the bat since it does not require any type of installation. Simply launch it via its executable file, load the .brd file from the File menu or with the CTRL + O key combination.

Unfortunately, the application does not come with support for drag and drop. While it may not be a very important feature to have for an app of this sort, it would come in handy when working with multiple .brd files.

Quickly search for components or manually track them down

You can then effortlessly start exploring the board in an interactive manner by zooming in and out with the help of the mouse and its scroll wheel.

It is worth noting that the from the menu bar, you can also search for components via their name (or even faster by pressing the C key) or via their Power Net tag (N key).

Offers a clutter-free environment for viewing EAGLE circuit boards and all their associated elements

Taking all of the above into consideration, Open Board Viewer is a minimalist, lightweight and highly efficient application that will surely come in handy for users that design or work with EAGLE board circuits.

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