Baseball Scoreboard Pro

A simple to use application designed to turn any computer screen into a realistic baseball scoreboard, with maneuverable score slots.

  • Baseball Scoreboard Pro
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Baseball Scoreboard Pro Description

Baseball Scoreboard Pro is a lightweight application that enables you to keep the score for your favorite baseball teams, in a neat looking display. The software allows you to record or modify the score for each run, as well as view it in full screen and turn your computer screen into a LED scoreboard.

Smooth, neat looking interface

Baseball Scoreboard Pro allows you to keep the score for baseball game on your desktop, like on a real LED stadium scoreboard. The software features a simple, clear-cut interface, with customizable colors, that displays the names of the home and visitor teams, along with the score slots.

You may manually increase or decrease the score for each run, by clicking on the designated buttons or by using the keyboard shortcuts. The number of hits and errors also need to be manually specified, then the software can automatically calculate the total score all the runs.

Keep scores for your favorite teams or matches

The software enables you to manually customize the name of the teams, according to each match. Moreover, you may modify the title, name of the field and add photos with each team’s coat of arms or symbols. You may clear the current scores when selecting a new game or a new batter, but the numbers remain as you enter the new values for a different inning.

Moreover, you may set convenient keyboard shortcuts to increasing the ball count, number of strikes, the pitch count, set a new batter, a new pitcher or a new half inning. Additionally, the software can play buzzer or horn sounds when prompted, but you may easily load your own audio files to play when the buzzer is hit.

Scoreboard for a genuine match experience

With Baseball Scoreboard Pro, you can keep the score for your favorite games, and turn your computer into a real LED board. The software can accompany you when watching baseball matches at home, since you can easily mark the score, even if the program is in window view or in full screen.

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