PrimeTime Draft Football

A powerful and seamlessly easy to use application designed for HD TVs that allows you to create various types of football drafts.

  • PrimeTime Draft Football
  • Version :2016
  • License :Demo
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :PrimeTime Draft, LLC

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PrimeTime Draft Football Description

Fantasy sports are becoming more and more popular. They allow you to create a team of players from a variety of professional sports leagues which “compete” against your friends to see who managed to create the best team. A “Draft party” is perhaps the highlight of the fantasy football season. At the party, you select teams of your players that compete throughout the season.

Draft parties are usually done using a pen and paper, but this method seems old-fashioned. Adding a spark of technology can enhance this experience, as the selection of each team can be done easier.

PrimeTime Draft Football is a fun to use and intuitive application that can help you spice up a football draft party, by acting as a virtual draftboard that keeps track of the selected teams.

Handy and reliable virtual draftboard suited for HDTVs

The program allows you to manage customized football drafts, which are usually created when a football season begins and team managers begin picking their players. It allows you to easily pick out your team, through a modern-looking and fun GUI.

Furthermore, the application provides a plethora of options, as each fantasy league has its own variations.

Modern-looking draftboard that offers advanced options

PrimeTime Draft also includes a handy feature called RemoteView that allows you to hold a draft party with all your friends, even if they are not in the same building or even country with you.

Using the program, they can participate in the draft over the Internet, where they receive a real-time transmission of the selections that are being made.

A powerful virtual draftboard generation tool that focuses on fantasy football

To conclude, PrimeTime Draft Football is a powerful, reliable, yet easy-to-use application that is sure to turn your same old “pen and paper” draft into a new and incredibly fun draft party experience.

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