Convert and compare currency using this Modern UI app that lets you calculate currencies even when you’re offline, featuring a travel chart.

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Currency Description

Currency is a Metro application you can use to convert money between different currencies gathered from all over the world. It can show multiple currencies at the same time as well as generate a travel chart.

The exchange rates are obtained from (owned by the developer of this app). In turn, this website collects financial data from national central banks.

Calculate currency even when you’re offline

It’s capable of storing the last received currency rates offline, so you can perform conversions even if you’re not connected to the Internet. This is particularly useful when you’re traveling abroad and wish to avoid roaming charges until finding a free wireless hotspot to calculate live currency rates.

The currency converter is packed in a Modern UI that blends well with the appearance of Windows 8, 8.1 and 10. It has large, flat buttons that can be tapped on touch-supported device.

Built-in calculator for exchange rates

There’s a small calculator embedded in the main panel, where you can either click the buttons or press the keys on your keyboard to enter sums of money. The operation is performed in real time, as soon as you select the input and output currencies. In this regard, the currency conversion tool shows the countries of origins, flags and acronyms, so you can easily spot whatever you’re interested in.

Compare currencies side by side

If you want to view and compare currencies (more than two at a time), right-click somewhere on the screen and choose “Add” from the horizontal bar displayed on the bottom.

It’s possible to add as many currencies as you want, remove any entry if you change your mind, view the travel chart, and update the offline database with the latest exchange rates by just clicking a button.

Configure various app settings

There’s also a search function implemented but it didn’t work in our tests. Furthermore, you can prevent Currency from rounding the numbers and from automatically updating rates, add commas to delimit large sums, as well as hide the calculator or less popular currencies.

Resourceful and easy-to-use exchange rate converter

All things considered, Currency offers a simple interface and practical options to help you calculate exchange rates. It supports an offline database, travel chart, and side-by-side comparison of multiple currencies.

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