Auto Proxy Switcher

An automatic and reliable proxy changer that helps you to quickly switch between network configurations, depending on your needs.

  • Auto Proxy Switcher
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  • License :LGPL
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Christophe Leitienne

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Auto Proxy Switcher Description

Auto Proxy Switcher is a straightforward and practical application geared towards users who need to hide their IP address and stay anonymous when they browse the Internet. It helps them to set up their own network configuration and switch between different proxy servers whenever they need.

A good use case of this application is when you are at work and need to automatically switch to your company proxy. It detects network change and helps you to configure the Internet proxy according to your rules.

Although you cannot perform any changes using its interface, you can always modify the proxy settings by accessing the ‘rules.xml’ document. Depending on your current operating system, you can find the proper file either type the ‘%SYSTEMDRIVE%\ProgramData’ or the ‘%ALLUSERSPROFILE%\Application Data’ command in the Run utility. After that, you need to open the XML document using one of the available text editors.

The sample document contains three different configurations that you can easily modify. The first network configuration tells the system to use the proxy.pac file each time the IP address is ‘’ or when the subnetwork is ‘’. Additionally, you can modify the network name, the proxy URL address and the DNS IP.

The following two network configurations tell the system to use the given ‘proxy.local.lan’ on port 3128 in case the IP address of your computer is or

Finally, the last one, entitled ‘Default Config’ can be used in case none of the network previous configurations match the user’s preferences. However, by using this network configuration you must be aware that the proxy is disabled.

By accessing the ‘Status’ option from the system tray, a new window will appear that displays the update date and the available network configuration.

Overall, Auto Proxy Switcher proves to be an effective solution when it comes to switching between different proxy servers.

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