Axence nVision – Free Edition

A reliable network monitoring software solution that allows user surveillance, inventory reporting and access control for all workstations in a network.

  • Axence nVision – Free Edition
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  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Axence Software Inc

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Axence nVision – Free Edition Description

Axence nVision Free Edition is designed to ease the work of network administrators when it comes to managing hardware devices and monitoring hosts, users and inventory items, while also providing support for troubleshooting operations and other related tasks.

Centralized network management

The application features a generous array of functions that facilitate device monitoring in a consolidated manner, from within a single place. Thanks to the user-friendly interface, generating a network map and keeping an eye on all the connected workstations, devices and users becomes an easy chore for administrators.

Once the network scanning process is complete, all the discovered workstations are displayed within the main window, alongside their local IP addresses, up or downtime.

Workstation monitoring and device administration

Axence nVision Free Edition can also retrieve information concerning the computer name, its MAC address, the manufacturer, the response time and the amount of sent and received data packets. It even generates a real-time graph that represents the ping response and the amount of lost packets.

Data regarding user activity, hardware and software inventory statistics and other information (user accounts, shared locations, disk drives and so on) can also be collected, provided the nVision agent is deployed on the target PC.

The ‘HelpDesk’ function can assist the administrator to create a database of troubleshooting requests and notifications, whereas the integrated report generator can help you create comprehensive, yet intelligible reports on performance parameters and other data.

A powerful set of tools dedicated to network monitoring

With its broad array of functions, Axence nVision Free Edition is a real asset in the toolbox of any network administrator, facilitating network management. It is a powerful network mapping and monitoring utility, with advanced notification and reporting capabilities.

And if the feature set it offers is not enough for you, you can always try out or upgrade to the Pro edition and take advantage of its more extended functionality.

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