A simple and practical utility especially designed for users who need to set up a new wireless network and connect to it immediately.

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QSS Description

TP-Link QSS is a straightforward and reliable piece of software that guides you throughout the entire process of configuring your wireless network. Since it uses a Wi-Fi protected setup, you can rest assured that you will connect to your wireless network with worry-free wireless security configuration.

Basically, each time a user wants to create a new wireless network name, a security key is also required so that unwanted access to the wireless network is prevented. QSS, also referred to as Quick Security Setup, standardizes and simplifies the security configuration on such networks.

By using the QSS function, you are able to connect to your WiFi network, without having to do the tedious work of creating a new SSID and specifying a password in order to protect your network and restrict other users to access your WiFi.

Because this function is supported by TP-LINK 11N Wireless routers, you are required to enable it since it is disabled by default. After that, you can connect your wireless network using QSS, then get secured immediately.

In case the current wireless adapter supports WPS (also known as Wi-Fi Protected Setup), you can easily establish a new connection between the adapter and your router by using either the PBC (Push Button Configuration) or the PIN (Personal Identification Number) method.

However, before using QSS you need to make sure that the driver for the connected router is installed on your computer and runs properly, otherwise it won’t be recognized by the application. After that, you can easily follow each step and set up all the required options according to your needs.

To sum things up, QSS comes in handy for users who need to create a new wireless network and connect to it securely.

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