Asset Manager 2017 – Standard Edition

This utility offers you the possibility to easily manage your business by monitoring your personnel and vendors, then print detailed reports.

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Asset Manager – Standard Edition Description

As the title implies, Asset Manager 2014 – Standard Edition is a handy software utility that helps you have an evidence of all your company’s assets, dealers and employees.

Instead of keeping track of your assets by using traditional book records or catalogs, you can do that easily and efficiently with Asset Manager – Standard Edition.

Clean and user-friendly interface

The application features an interface that slightly resembles the ‘Microsoft Outlook’ one and is comprehensive, easy-to-use and quite comfortable to work with. It consists of a menu bar, a few navigation tabs, a section where the asset types are displayed and the main section where all the items are listed in a detailed view. The navigation tabs simplify your work by allowing you to quickly switch between Assets, Personnel, Vendors and Reports sections.

Track your company’s asset records

In order to be able to monitor your company activity, you can enter information about your assets or you can import data from spreadsheets. Once all your assets are accounted for, you can proceed with assigning them to each employee, according to their qualification.

You can assign to each asset a barcode, that allows you to quickly open the asset record and check it in or out to one of the company’s employees. For each asset you can enter information, such as the serial number, it’s condition, expiration date, notes, attach user manuals, images, it’s vendor, purchase price or market value. Plus, you can include the dates when it was purchased, in repairs or when it’s warranty expires.

Generate and export reports

Asset history, completed services, personnel, vendors, monthly and annual depreciation reports can be exported to any location on your computer, file server or USB memory card as CSV or XML files.


All in all, Asset Manager – Standard Edition is an efficient software solution that helps you not waste time searching or replacing your company’s missing assets by maintaining a repository with service logs, manuals and instructions.

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