FIRE – Premises Risk Assessment Management

A database management tool that allows you to gather the information about the risk assessments and generate reports with minimum effort..

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FIRE – Premises Risk Assessment Management Description

There is no doubt that ensuring fire safety precautions and procedures within any company is a thing that should not be treated lightly. Fortunately, you can turn to specialized software solutions to make the whole process of fire premises risk management a bit more efficient.

FIRE – Premises Risk Assessment Management is a comprehensive piece of software designed from the ground up to help you manage almost every detail about fire risk management within your company.

The utility uses the Microsoft Access runtime to provide both an accessible risk assessment environment and a complex database system for storing and organizing all the relevant fire risk info.

Straightforward fire risk assessment application

This said, upon first launching the application, you are met by a simplistic main window with a basic user interface, familiar to those who have worked with Access before. Thanks to a modern and useful ribbon toolbar, getting to grips with the utility’s features is no at all challenging.

As expected from a database-based app such as this, you first need to define a new company, location, gates, teams, employs and new assessments, as well.

Functional interface, but it could have been better

It soon becomes clear that structure-wise, the application is very well thought-out, with lots of customization options that enable you to create a database that is bespoke for your type of company.

While the utility is not what you would call difficult to work with, at times it is not what you would call intuitive. This is mainly determined by that fact that you are constantly working on different windows and this, in turn, makes the app lack visual ‘consistency’.  It would have been a lot more practical and more elegant if it came with a proper tab-based interface.

Covers all the basics of fire premises risk management

Not forgetting the app’s purpose, FIRE – Premises Risk Assessment Management makes it simple for you to take into account the most important elements that define fire risk assessments.

Elements such sources of ignition ad combustible materials, the building occupants, means of escape, maintenance of existing systems, as well as policy, procedures, instructions and actual fire precautions can all be stored, managed and edited within the app.

Last but not least, the tool helps you generate comprehensive reports with blank assessments, review and overdue dates, staff lists, companies, locations, departments, teams and designations and responsibilities, making the whole process a bit less bureaucratic.

A comprehensive fire safety piece of software

All in all, FIRE – Premises Risk Assessment Management is a useful application that is bound to make the lives of fire safety experts a bit easier.

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