VX Search Ultimate

Create multiple search rules, such as file name, date created, size or category, and scan for items on local drives, servers or NAS devices.

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VX Search Ultimate Description

VX Search Ultimate is a complex software application that sports intuitive settings for running a thorough search on the computer, in order to identify specific files. It is wrapped in a user-friendly interface that permits even less experienced people to approach it.

Hassle-free installation and clear-cut GUI

After a brief and uneventful setup procedure that does not require special attention, VX Search Ultimate pops up a large window split into multiple panels for creating search profiles and locations, examining scan results, and filtering files.

Make new profiles with in-depth search rules

Users can create new profiles by assigning a file name, extension, full path, category, file size and attributes, date of creation, last modification and access, HEX pattern, nested rules, and JPEG EXIF tags to take into consideration, among other details.

As far as the search locations go, it is possible to include any directory or network share, all hard disks, servers of NAS devices, or all servers on the network.

Other file search options pertain to the default report title, total results to take into account for ending the scan, top level rules logic, user name processing, number of file and directory search threads, folder scan mode, file search performance, directory exclusions, along with actions to automatically execute on found results (e.g. send reports or notifications via email, save them to file).

Filter search results and examine charts

Once VX Search Ultimate fills the results list with entries, users can filter files by various criteria, like extension, file size, creation time, or custom rules. Moreover, they can view pie and bar charts with the total files or disk space per extension. The charts can be exported to image files for further investigation and comparison.

Meanwhile, files from the results list can be copied or moved to other locations, opened in Windows Explorer, deleted from the hard drive, or their names and details can be copied to the Clipboard. The configuration settings may be saved to file and restored later on the same computer or another one running VX Search Ultimate.

Evaluation and conclusion

Much to our surprise, the utility did not use too much CPU and RAM during our tests while conducting searches. It swiftly executed the commands we gave it and generally worked smoothly. No errors popped up, and the app did not hang or crash.

Taking into consideration its feature-rich and thorough, yet rather intuitive scanning options, VX Search Ultimate proves to be a reliable software program for quickly finding files on the computer.

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