Android ICS Root Unlocker

A software utility you can use to enable the root function on your Android mobile phone, by connecting it to your computer and running the activation procedure.

  • Android ICS Root Unlocker
  • Version :1.2
  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :TrK-Softs

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Android ICS Root Unlocker Description

The Android operating system is now installed on a wide array of devices worldwide, including smartphones and tablets. One of its more powerful features is the fact that, in normal conditions, it enables you to bring almost any type of modifications to its system, without any restrictions.

Gain root access to your phone

In some situations, however, you might be denied root access, due to various carrier limitations or defective software. ICS Root Unlocker is a software utility that aims to help you remove these restrictions, by unlocking your device and allowing you full access to the superior root functions and settings.

In order to achieve this, you first need to connect your phone to the computer, using its USB data cable. Once you do this, the application is able to communicate with your Android operating system, although you are required to enable or disable a few options on your phone before you are allowed to bring any software modifications.

Simple-to-use command-line user interface

Once all the demanded settings are in place, you can head on and start the procedure, by following the steps displayed on screen. Despite the fact that the application sports a command-line interface, it is very simple to use and understand, since you are not required for too much manual input when it comes to the actual procedure.

It should be noted that ICS Root Unlocker is not very trustworthy about whether the operation succeeded or not, since it cannot actually detect the devices properly. Hence, the tool should only be used for practice purposes, in case you want to learn how to enable the root functions on your Android mobile phone.

A very basic CLI-based Android unlocker

All in all, ICS Root Unlocker does not really accomplish its goal, despite the step-by-step procedure which tells you otherwise. Thus, unless you are curious about the removal process itself and you want to learn how it is handled, there are not too many reasons to use this application.

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