Motorola Software Update

Bundled with backup and restore capabilities, this straightforward application provides users with a simple means of updating their Motorola handsets with the latest software through their computer.

  • Motorola Software Update
  • Version :01.16.42
  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Motorola, Inc.

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Motorola Software Update Description

Motorola Software Update is designed to help you update the software on your mobile device in order to ensure that it is always running the latest version. It is a useful tool for Motorola device owners who do not have Internet access on their device.

Since the mobile device software market is permanently evolving, most of the applications and even the operating system installed on your device can become obsolete in a matter of months or weeks.

Regular phone updates through your computer

If you want to make the most of your device and use the latest available software, the update should be a regular task. Fortunately, most mobile operating systems have an automatic update feature that takes care of this operation with minimum user intervention.

However, to update your device you need an Internet connection and a generous data plan if you want to download and install the updates directly on your phone. Since not all users have mobile Internet access or are not willing to use it for the updates, this tools provides a less expensive alternative.

Automatic detection

As its name suggests, the program is able to detect the software installed on your device and check for updates by using the connection available on your computer. You just need to connect your device by using an USB cable that is usually included in the original package.

Backing up information

Although the program specifies that your personal files are not deleted during the update installation, the wizard offers the option to back up your data and restore it after the installation.

Unfortunately, the backup only deals with the contacts, messages and media files which means that the applications that are not part of the operating system might need to be reinstalled manually after the update.

A final assessment

If you own a Motorola smartphone or tablet that frequently receives operating system updates, Motorola Software Update can help you check for updates, download and install them with a minimum amount of effort. The system’s performance is not going to be burdened and we did not come by any errors, crashes or hangs in our tests.

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