TED for Windows 10/8.1

Listen to inspiring TED Talks held by the world’s most famous people with the help of this stylish application that packs impressive educational resources.

  • TED for Windows 10/8.1
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  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :TED Conferences LLC

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TED for Windows 10/8.1 Description

Continuous education is no longer a strain nowadays. It is more of a moral duty that we have to undertake especially considering that all the conditions are favorable, and access to unlimited resources is now a reality.

Bearing a renowned name, TED for Windows 10/8.1 is an application designed to purposefully group all the available TED Talks held by the world’s intellectual elite and not only.

An incommensurable source of knowledge from a wide variety of areas is packed within this program so that you can easily benefit from it.

Sleek interface with helpful classifications

Being an app with a sleek design, TED features a main window whose focus is on the multitude of videos you can explore. Still, a series of buttons are placed on the left, and they help you navigate to the most inspiring conferences.

“Featured,” “TED Talks,” “Playlists,” “TED-Ed videos,” “TEDx Talks,” and “Surprise Me” are the categories you have at hand in order to find the speech that could have an impact on your personal growth.

Offers extensive info about the talk and the speaker

Once your quest is over, and you have finally decided on which video to watch, clicking on its title reveals a very useful short description of the discussion so that you can effortlessly follow the topic. A “Download” option, on the other hand, is lacking.

The biography of the speaker is also provided at the bottom of the page, as are a host of similar videos and podcasts you might be interested in, which really comes in handy especially if you want to expand your knowledge in a particular area.

A nice addition to the application is the fact that, for each talk, a transcript is featured so that all people can enjoy its contents, no matter the platform they use.

Interactive by all means

In any case, you can watch the video or listen to the podcast instantly or you can postpone the whole experience. Saving it to your favorites is also possible, as is rating it so that other users can have a point of reference. For this, you need to log in with your Facebook account or simply provide a valid email and password for instant registration.

Sharing the idea on social media or by mail is also possible, and what’s even more exciting is that you also have the option to discuss the subject with other people.

This is a major plus in terms of instructiveness, and the fact that you are encouraged to interact with the program by so many means is in strong connection with the very nature of the TED Talks. These events are meant to stimulate human contact, and that is exactly what the app does too.

Encourages you to find your inspiration

On an ending note, TED is a comprehensive app aimed at enriching your world with stories told by people who are at the peak of their domains. It is flawlessly organized and poses no obstacles when it comes to navigating to Talks, and exploring its impressive wealth is a pleasure.

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