Alternate Calculator

Run simple or advanced calculations with this easy to use and flexible application that comes with a built-in operations history window.

  • Alternate Calculator
  • Version :3.140
  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :AlternateTools

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Alternate Calculator Description

Alternate Calculator is a simple, yet powerful mathematical calculator that also features a currency conversion module. Supported number formats are BIN, DEC and HEX.

Great for making complex calculations

The tool is useful to a wide array of users. Virtually anyone that is confronted on a daily basis with simple or complex mathematical calculations can benefit from this program. The currency conversion component can also make the resource quite handy for anyone dealing with multiple types of money.

As one would expect, the interface is very simple and well-suited towards the task at hand. Not surprisingly, there are very few extra options, besides the buttons required for the actual calculations. The frame displaying the operations and their results is located above the buttons. In “Bill Sheet” view, it also displays past items.

Creates a log of all operations

Alternate Calculator features all the standard functions one would expect from a standard calculator, including basic operations with numbers. The standard algebraic operations are available, as are the basic trigonometric functions. Advanced users will appreciate the exponential operations, as well as the ability to compute factorials.

The classic memory functions are available, which is great when dealing with complex operations. Also great when dealing with such tasks is the “Bill Sheet” view. This is, essentially, a history file that can be used to backtrack operations and expose errors.

Can also make basic offline currency conversions

The other innovation that Alternate Calculator offers is the “Currency editor”. This allows one to create basic currency conversions. The nice touch is that new entries can be defined and the ratios between items can be adjusted.

To conclude, Alternate Calculator is a good utility for anyone that is in constant need of a digital aid for all simple calculations.

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