Alternate Text Browser

A reliable and useful syntax highlighting text editor that comes in handy for users who need to browse through several TXT and HTML documents within minutes.

  • Alternate Text Browser
  • Version :3.130
  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :AlternateTools

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Alternate Text Browser Description

Text documents are the building bricks for any viable modern project; from simple school homework to complicated business forays, these files are the unsung heroes regularly involved in our daily lives. Although one can find a basic text editor on almost any computer, more advanced options are not so forthcoming. It is this very gap that Alternate Text Browser seeks to fill, as it provides users with a highly intuitive editing environment still packing sufficient punch to address more complex tasks.

Open and process multiple files at the same time

The range of uses for this application is as varied as the contents that a generic text file can store. To begin with, it should be stated that the program can perform all basic text-related tasks, such as generating new documents, or finding words within existing ones. Quick trimming operations can also be performed and issuing printing commands is supported.

Moving on to more advanced features, one of the striking aspects of the layout of the utility is the ability to multi-task; specifically, users can work on multiple documents at the same time, courtesy of the tabbed interface. Another noteworthy fact is the support for multiple types of output files: TXTs, HTMLs, XMLs, and INIs can all be generated, alongside more advanced documents, such as PHP, JAVA or C++ scripts.

Employ syntax highlighting to create viable programming scripts

As one can see, the toolkit supports programming languages, and although one cannot compile, debug or run code, generating scripts is supported. Syntax highlighting is available for all the supported programming languages, thus ensuring results are practical.

Other complementary features, bound to increase productivity, are the ability to search simultaneously in multiple files for a given string, as well as the option to select entire lines or columns. Binary view mode is supported and an HTML preview function can be employed to preview emerging websites.

A good tool for both basic and advanced text editing needs

Summing up, Alternate Text Browser is an asset for anyone working with text files on a regular basis. It provides considerable more power than standard editors, and one can even generate basic, but feasible scripts in various programming languages.

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