Go through the entire Unicode character grid to search for a specific character with this easy-to-use and small-sized piece of software.

  • BabelMap
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  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Andrew West

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BabelMap Description

BabelMap is a simple-to use software utility designed to help you find specific Unicode characters by going through an immense collection of numbers, figures, symbols or letters.

Well-organized interface and fast character search engine

The interface of the application is straightforward and displays all the characters included in the Unicode 7.0 standard in a grid-like layout. From the main window, you can select various Unicode blocks from a dropdown list and begin a search query by entering the name of the character you want to look for. Characters can also be found if you enter parts of their name, not necessarily their full name.

You can find characters by their decimal or hexadecimal code point value, as well as view them using the edit buffer as NCR, HTML or UCN escape sequences. Additionally, you can paste letters into the edit buffer and magnify any character within the grid by right-clicking it.

Powerful and useful set of tools

BabelMap includes several lookup utilities that list all Han ideographs or syllables with a given radical and number of strokes. Also, you can view the UCD properties for any character for all versions of Unicode supported by the application. On top of that, you can generate the core UCD data for the Unicode versions used.

Each font or glyph that you find can be exported to your computer as a BMP, GIF, JPG or PNG file. For future reference and easy access, you can bookmark up to 32 characters.


BabelMap provides you with many useful functions and search options that allow you to quickly find the desired character, even if it’s a Korean, Vietnamese, Mandarin or Cantonese one. The system’s CPU and RAM resources were kept to a minimum during our evaluation and no system errors or crashes were encountered.

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