Aezay Window Hacker 2

Track all the active windows or list various details about the currently monitored window with this practical and reliable application.

  • Aezay Window Hacker 2
  • Version :16.06.28
  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Aezay Productions

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Aezay Window Hacker 2 Description

Users who prefer to have a more in-depth overview of their display window activity and all the processes that are running, could require an efficient solution for keeping an easy eye on them. Aezay Window Hacker will provide people with a comprehensive package for monitoring all their windows activity, with several tools for tracking and deploying basic operations on them.

Uncluttered yet informative interface that will list all the available information about the monitored windows

Users will benefit from a thoughtful design in the available interface, which will offer several features that will help them to monitor certain windows. Packing both a tab array and accessible menus, Aezay Window Hacker will provide an informative insight into the active windows.

The application allows one to use the mouse cursor in order to determine the window onto which it is currently resting. Using that procedure, people will be able to view all the characteristics of the window (or its constituent element) onto which they are having their mouse cursor: class, handle, parent, PID, TID and style.

Obtain detailed information about the windows you prefer to monitor with this feature-rich utility

One they have decided on a preferred window to monitor, users will be able to view information about the active processes behind its architecture. Making use of the provided “Enumerator” feature, they will be able to view all the parents and PIDs for the selected window hierarchy: top level, children of desktop, children of current window, etc.

The monitored window’s structure can be disseminated even more, by using the application’s “Branch” tool that will provide an in-dept insight in its architecture, for different levels. Demanding users can rest assured, as the application also provides a series of actions for the monitored windows, allowing them to: resize, reposition, hide, invert the colors of or destroy the windows.

Complete utility for those who prefer to have an in-depth view on all their windows and their active processes

This application will be a viable choice for users who require to monitor the preferred windows and their architecture and processes. It will enable them to use a consistent package that contains several tools for in-depth viewing of the window characteristics as well as performing handling tasks. People will be able to resize, arrange, hide or even “destroy” the selected windows.

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