Hard Disk Sentinel DOS Edition

Utility that allows you to examine the temperature, health information and more of IDE and S-ATA hard disks that are connected to the motherboard or external controller cards.

  • Hard Disk Sentinel DOS Edition
  • Version :1.21
  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :H.D.S. Hungary

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Hard Disk Sentinel DOS Edition Description

Users who are running IDE or S-ATA hard disks that are connected to the motherboard or external controllers, might seek for a solution that would enable them to gather information about the temperature and health state of their drives. Hard Disk Sentinel DOS Edition is a utility that was created in order to offer people a tool for assessing the state of such hard drives.

It will allow users to view detailed information about the performance of their drives as well as to adjust the acoustic level of their hard disks. Offered in four different versions, the application is well suited for satisfying the requirements of multiple situations.

One will be able to select just the application (that can be copied to the DOS boot device), installer (that will create a FreeDOS boot disk), bootable CD ISO image (that doesn’t require floppy drive) and executable (that can be used for creating a bootable USB drive with HDSDOS).

By using its features, people can identify the vendor and device ID of the detected hard drive controllers, size, model ID, serial number or revision of any IDE / S-ATA hard disks. Performance indices are provided and devices that are connected to AHCI controllers can also be detected and analyzed.

Addressing experienced users as well, the application provides the means for displaying the full hard disk text description, with errors and identified disk issues. Regarding the temperature analysis, it is capable of immediately displaying the highest temperature ever sustained by the hard disks.

System requirements

  • Hard disk (IDE/EIDE/Serial ATA), SSD, SSHD.

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