Patch modified files with ease, by using this straightforward utility that allows you to record the differences between the initial and altered states.

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PatchOnClick Description

Handling the same files many times and constantly updating them with new information might cause users trouble, especially when sending their files over the Internet. Sharing the whole file each time a modification occurs isn’t practical and is time consuming. PatchOnClick is here to help people overcome such issues by allowing them to use the updated versions of the files and extract only the new information as a patch and send this smaller file instead.

Minimalist interface that provides users with a three-step wizard for easy handling

PatchOnClick comes equipped with a basic interface that will allow people to use its features through several large, legible buttons. One will be able to select the original file and its updated, modified version, which will both be used for determining the differences and extracting the patch file.

After selecting the two files, users can create the new patch that will then be available for updating the original version of the file. Provided that others will also have the application installed on their PCs, it is only a matter of sending them the patch file and they can easily update their versions of the content.

Avoid the hassle of resending whole files when updating their contents, with this basic utility

Although featuring basic features and a seemingly effortless operation, the application might not be as complex as demanding users could prefer. A set of options could have been present and it would have been been beneficial for the utility to also include a way of selecting only the preferred sections from the updated content.

Users will be able to send the smaller patch files much quicker and therefore they will be able to save on the connection bandwidth. Replacing of whole files is also eliminated and therefore people will be able to increase the speed of their workflow.

Good software solution that will allow people to easily update files by using a patch file

For those who prefer an efficient solution for updating the files they are currently working on, without copying the whole content, this utility could prove to be a valuable choice. It will allow them to determine the differences between two files – original / updated and use it to create a patch file. This file can then be send to others much faster, instead of sending the whole file for and update through replacement.

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