1Tree Basic

View the disk space occupied by all your files and folders in one window, to perform cleanup operations more easily, with this easy-to-use application.

  • 1Tree Basic
  • Version :4.0 Build 054
  • License :Demo
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :TriSun Software Inc

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1Tree Basic Description

It is often difficult to tell how much space some of your files occupy if you do not have access to an overall view of disk usage.

1Tree Basic is a very simple program that displays the files and folders on all your partitions and network drives, together with the amount of space they occupy. When viewing all this information in one window, displayed in a simple tree structure, it is much easier to get a better idea of which of them can and should be deleted.

However, the application’s visual design may not be to everyone’s taste. Additionally, it lacks some important functions and features design flaws that limit its usefulness.

View hard drive contents and file size

The program displays all the data present on your storage devices in an accessible tree-like structure. The amount of occupied disk space can be viewed next to each item, and you can choose which symbol should be used as a separator.

Copy, move and delete files

1Tree Basic allows you to move files and folders to other locations on your hard drive, as well as transfer them to the recycle bin or delete them entirely.

However, folder size is not updated automatically after documents have been removed. You need to refresh specific directories or the entire structure manually.

Lacks potentially useful functions

1Tree Basic lacks a feature that would have been very helpful for such an application. You cannot use drag and drop actions to move items between folders, which would have been much simpler than the available method.

Additionally, it would help if files of various formats could be displayed using different icons, as it is currently quite difficult to tell them apart.

Overall, this a potentially helpful application that provides you with an overall view of the state of disk space usage on your hard drives. It is easy-to-use but does not include many important functions.

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