1Tree Pro

This application allows you to explore your hard drives and manage the files and folders, by moving, copying or permanently deleting them.

  • 1Tree Pro
  • Version :2.1 Build 017
  • License :Demo
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :TriSun Software Inc

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1Tree Pro Description

1Tree Pro is an application that allows users to easily see all drives, folders and files on their computers in a single tree view, which basically provides them with full control over all items.

The idea behind this app is as simple as it is helpful: it shows all files in one tree view so that you can perform tasks such as disk cleaning or file management faster.

Easy to use UI and batch support

Basically, 1Tree Pro comes with several helpful features, including options to sort items by size in descending order, which clearly comes in handy when trying to remove files eating too much space on your drives. At the same time, it also includes support for common commands and sports options to copy the full path, just to make sure that the files you selected are exactly the one you want.

The Pro version of the app comes with support for batch mode, meaning that you are allowed to perform the same tasks on multiple items at the same time.

The graphic interface of the application is neatly organized and you can get a clear overview of all the files and folders on your hard disk. If you want to explore the contents of any directory, simple double-click its name, then gain access to its sub-folders and stored files.

Full control over your files

You can select one or several items, then copy them to another location, move or send to Recycle Bin – if you want to permanently erase certain documents, 1Tree Pro also allows you to do it.

Furthermore, you can rely on 1Tree Pro to quickly rename any highlighted file or copy its full path to the clipboard, so as to make it easier for you to paste within any third-party project.

Additionally, the application also enables you to launch or open any selected item using its default program, as well as analyze its properties with a single mouse click.

Smart choice for manual disk cleaning

All in all, 1Tree Pro can be really helpful for those who are trying to clean their computers manually and do not wish to rely on advanced apps to do it. Removing files eating up too much space might become painful sometimes, but 1Tree Pro eases the process with an intuitive UI, batch support, and a clean tree view for any directory on your computer.

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