Rename files in batch mode using an integrated file explorer, specify naming conditions, and preview results using this portable app.

  • Kaimeisi
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  • License :Freeware
  • OS:Windows All
  • Publisher:Suzuki

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Kaimeisi Description

Computers in an office environment constantly run a large amount of documents which most likely need to be properly named for easy identification. Renaming multiple files can be a pain, but there are solutions to make it faster and easier. With the help of applications like Kaimeisi you can easily navigate to target files and have them instantly renamed according to custom criteria.

Simple, well-organized interface

Probably the first thing you notice about the application is that you don’t need to install it on your system, which means that it does not modify any system registries and you can use it on the go from a removable storage device.

In terms of visuals, the application is pretty intuitive, with the workspace split into two browsers, one for directories while the other represents the list of items that need to be renamed. Configurations are done through the side panel, which lets you trigger common renaming, sequential or conditional.

Several renaming methods

However, the application needs a little getting used to, leaving a little something to be desired in terms of flexibility and functionality. The configuration panel displays the number of items that are renamed, as well as settings to apply, like rename scope which can be for name, extension or both.

Before the process is triggered, you are offered a preview of names in parallel, displaying items in the before and after states. You need to experiment with a few combinations of strings and names, otherwise the application displays no preview and only notifies you, but no hints are given.

An integrated file explorer

Amongst others, the application also acts as a file manager, with the possibility to bring up and take full advantage of the Windows context menu right in the dedicated explorer. However, there’s no option to simply select files and choose a condition to have them quickly renamed, and options you work with are slightly difficult to comprehend.

A few last words

To sum it up, Kaimeisi doesn’t bring anything new on the market and does not even manage to properly handle its purpose. Visual design tricks you into thinking its intuitive, but you most likely get stuck along the way because of little to no help provided. It takes some accommodation time, with the result not always resembling your initial intentions.

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