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Protect your Internet connected PC and filter out inappropriate Web content using this powerful, yet easy to use personal firewall.

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ZoneAlarm Pro Firewall Description

Note: ZoneAlarm Pro Firewall also installs Blur for Internet Explorer.

Your default firewall is responsible for offering your computer a little extra protection by monitoring application activities and deciding whether or not they can be harmful. However, there are various more advanced solutions that further stretch security measures to keep your files as safe as possible. ZoneAlarm Pro Firewall is one of them, putting a large variety of tools at your disposal to safely browse the web.

Deploy it on your system with caution

The installation process requires your attention in order to configure basic settings, such as enabling a learning mode that helps the application blend with your needs. Additionally, several offers are available so you might want to pay attention to those as well.

Basic platform for multiple tools

Regardless of your choice when installing, the application sports the same modern and user friendly interface. There are three major categories you can browse through. However, each is populated with several sets of tools you might eventually need to download and install as addons.

Keeps predators at bay

The main area of interest regarding what the basic application has to offer is Antivirus & Firewall. Even here, you have access only to Advanced Firewall and Application Control. The first is basically an Internet shield that blocks attempts made by malicious software or hackers.

An advantage is that it features a dedicated settings menu which opens up a breathtaking amount of options to configure. This is where things are better left to experienced users, with the possibility to manually specify networks to monitor and whether or not they are trusted, allow VPN protocols or even create your own set of rules by adjusting source, destination, protocol and time.

Monitor and manage installed programs

The second feature is oriented towards application installed on your computer. It keeps a close eye on every running process, and if the learning mode is turned on you are notified whenever interactions occur in order to allow or deny them, with the possibility to remember the choice for future reference.

Needless to say, this category has its own set of advanced options that allow you to thoroughly manage permissions for networks and even add custom applications to exceptions list.

To end with

All in all, ZoneAlarm Pro Firewall is one of the most powerful applications of its kind we managed to stumble upon. With default settings being enough to ensure protection, anyone can take it for a spin. What’s more, you can even try out the Free Firewall to get an idea how well it performs. If you feel like you’re exposing yourself to too many threats, we strongly recommend ZoneAlarm Pro Firewall.

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