ZenR Wifi Hotspot Manager

Share your PC’s Internet connection by instantly creating Hotspot connections with the help of this user-friendly piece of software.

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ZenR Wifi Hotspot Manager Description

ZenR Wifi Hotspot Manager is a minimalist piece of software that offers you an incredibly straightforward way of sharing your Internet connection by allowing you to instantly create a so-called Hotspot.

All-round accessible application that still needs a bit of work

Before anything else, please keep in mind that the utility is still in a relatively young development stage, so you shouldn’t rule out the possibility of various “hiccups,” as we too have found out during our tests.

To get this app up and running, you have to first make sure that .NET  Framework 3.5 is present on your computer’s system. Other than that, it should be smooth sailing from here onwards, as you only have to download and unzip the app’s package, and launch it (it doesn’t hurt to run it with full administrative rights) via its designated executable file.

There are simplistic interfaces and then there’s ZenR Wifi Hotspot Manager’s UI

You are met by the app’s compact main window which displays a clutter-free and very intuitive user interface, which is definitely one of the app’s highlights. That said, start off by naming and defining a password for your future Hotspot from the app’s basic settings section.

All that’s left to do no now is to hit the On button from the right side of the main window and check the connection using any other Wifi-savvy device from your vicinity. The app also provides you with a useful advanced log section that can be easily concealed, as well as with a small step-by-step user guide that shows you how to share your Internet connection.

Create a hotspot with just a few mouse clicks

Taking everything into account, ZenR Wifi Hotspot Manager is a fairly decent and certainly useful application. Sure, you might encounter various little problems and, yes, it does require a bit of attention when it comes to following the walkthrough, but other than that, you should have a fairly useful and intuitive app on your hands.

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