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With the help of this lightweight but powerful software utility you can easily get ahold of flash games and animations from various web pages.

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Save Flash Description

Every now and then, you may want to download a flash video from a certain web page and use it in one of your projects or share it with your friends and family. To do that, you can choose to use Save Flash application.

Download flash games, cards and animations in a jiffy

After a quick and easy deployment on your computer, you discover that it has a friendly interface. You can select another interface language beside English, like French, German, Russian, Spanish, Polish and others. However, pay attention with each step you take, as you might end up with unwanted applications also installed on your computer.

Using this application you will be able to download any flash file like flash games, flash cards, flash banners, movies and cartoons. The Pop-up button located on the left upper corner enables you to easily copy the file URL to clipboard.

Process multiple files at a time

Save Flash also lets you search for flash files on a certain web page. After you are done searching you can choose to simultaneously download all files found, or only to download the ones that you have selected.

This software has a very useful feature: it enables you to preview downloaded content, making sure necessary playback options are put at your disposal. Not only does it show the name of the file, but it also enables you to view information like URL, size, resolution and scale. In addition, the application gives you the possibility to take stanpshots of desired frames and save them as JPG files.

To end with

Taking everything into consideration, we can say that Save Flash is a lightweight, yet neat application with the help of which you can get ahold of flash elements included in certain web pages. It mostly proves its point by giving you quick access to items you want to include in your projects, saving you the effort of creating them yourself.

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