Upload videos from your computer on your YouTube channel, create new playlists and adjust monetization settings with this application.

  • YouPloader
  • Version :0.9.4 Beta
  • License :MIT License
  • OS :Windows All
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YouPloader Description

If you upload video content to your YouTube account on a regular basis, you probably considered using third-party software to simplify your work.

One of the programs that can help you in the situation described above is YouPloader since it provides you with a wide range of capabilities.

Comprehensive layout

This program comes with a user-friendly that packs an extensive set of functions, making it both accessible and efficient. Unfortunately, no form of local help documentation is provided. Therefore, it is not possible to access a standard user guide in case you encounter any difficulties understanding or operating some of this program’s functions.

However, users who have a minimum experience with uploading YouTube videos should have no trouble handling this application’s capabilities.

Upload videos to YouTube

YouPloader can help you upload videos from your computer to YouTube in an efficient manner, by providing you with all the necessary options. Before you can access its uploading function, you need to configure the program by logging in your Google account, typing the required code and pairing the services.

After doing so, you can upload videos by selecting corresponding files from your computer, assigning it a title, choosing a category from the combo menu, typing a description and settings its tags. It is possible to create templates by configuring a series of parameters, defining a title and clicking the Save button.

Queue multiple items

Aside from letting you upload videos on your YouTube channel, this program also enables you to view your playlists and also create new ones, according to your needs. More so, you can configure monetization settings from the Corresponding category.

It is possible to schedule a video so that it is uploaded at a certain date and time and also queue multiple items or adjust the maximum upload speed.

Handy YouTube uploader with batch video uploading support

To wrap it up, YouPloader is a lightweight application that enables you to upload video files to your YouTube channel in an efficient manner. It comes with a user-friendly interface, packs an extensive set of functions and can be operated easily by any user that has minimum experience with uploading videos on YouTube.

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