YouMinds Composer

This complex application works as a personal data manager, mind map, presentation, brainstorm or diagram tool and facilitates remote team sessions.

  • YouMinds Composer
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YouMinds Composer Description

YouMinds Composer is a reliable program, suitable for task organizing, presentations, creating mindmaps, organigrams or brainstorms with your team members. The software features several types of diagram templates and allows you to select either one, in order to create your own plan.

Diagram designer

YouMinds Composer is a comprehensive presentation tool, note taker and schedule creator, which allows you to organize your ideas into mindmaps, diagrams and even slideshows. The application allows you to select from the multiple graphic representation types and manually modify each aspect of the diagrams.

The main display area on the left allows you to view the diagram, as well as to add new nodes and create links. Each element can be viewed separately, in a separate tab and can be easily modified. Right click on any element and format it, edit its name, add icons, assign URLs, files, markers or symbol tags. Text editing tools, import and export options are also available.

Representations and schedule creator

YouMinds Composer allows you to choose from amongst a multitude of graphic representations for the diagrams: mindmaps, organigrams, ontologies, notetakers, checklists, concept diagrams, blocks, slideshow presentation, text structure, task manager, table and relation matrix. Several designing tools are available and you can assign symbol tags for priority, tendency, rating, smileys, progress, checkboxes or custom.

You may also create a project based on various tasks and mark their start or ending date, as well as progress indicator. The software allows you to zoom in or out on the diagram, add metadata to any of the elements, add comments or create an animated presentation.

Team sessions

With YouMinds Composer other team members can remotely access the application, via the local network and view/modify the project during live sessions. The session duration is being displayed and all the modifications are listed in the designated area. Moreover, each diagram can be printed or exported as document, image, presentation. The software also includes a powerful searching engine and integrated Internet browser.

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