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  • YAPS
  • Version :
  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Steelbytes

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YAPS Description

YAPS is an easy to use network scanner that relies on a user-friendly approach and very simple configuration options.

The program impresses mostly thanks to its simplicity, grouping all tools right in the main window and providing a very quick method to scan a user-defined IP or port range.

The first and the only window you see after launching the program prompts the user to input the start and the end ports and addresses, with a few configuration options at their disposal.

They can for instance adjust timeout and resolve names, hide errors, probe ports and decide whether ports or IPs should be scanned first.

This particular window is also being used to display the log file, so you can see the results of the scan with minimum effort.

While it could all sound like milk and honey, YAPS comprises quite a slow scanning engine, and checking a long IP range could take a lot of time, obviously also depending on your configuration settings.

The application works without a flaw on all Windows versions, running on low resources and without affecting system performance at all. The amount of time it needs to complete the scanning task however is disappointing.

Overall, YAPS is just another IP and port scanner that does nothing more as compared to other similar apps on the market. It does provide a very simple interface and easy to configure options, but it is way too slow for this kind of program and doesn’t include a help file to assist users throughout the whole process.

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