TCP/IP Builder

Set up a local IP and port, test the created TCP or UDP socket, send packets to keep the connection alive, and analyze received packets.

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TCP/IP Builder Description

TCP/IP Builder is a lightweight software application whose purpose is to help you create a Windows socket and test it by sending and receiving data through it.

Clean feature lineup

The program delivers a well-structured suite of features. There’s also support for a help manual in case you want to find out additional information about the configuration settings.

You can check out details about your system, such as processor architecture and type, computer name and addresses, as well as Winsock data (e.g. version, description, system status). System info can be copied to the clipboard.

Socket configuration parameters

When it comes to socket setup options, you are given the freedom to specify the local IP address to bind the socket to and local port of your machine to use.

Plus, you can choose between TCP and UDP options. In case you opt for TCP, the tool lets you create a socket for connecting or listening to data, while UDP can be used for receiving and sending data.

Connection settings

TCP/IP Builder gives you the possibility to provide the remote IP address of the machine. Plus, you can make the application send packets to keep the connection alive, connect the client socket to the remote address, and set the socket to listen for connections.

Data sending/receiving options

You can type in data you want to send, clear the information, send packets directly to the interface without routing them, and parse ASCII strings. What’s more, you can delete received data, analyze received packets, and find out the address and port number of the incoming data over a UDP socket.


All things considered, TCP/IP Builder provides a straightforward and efficient way for helping you set up a local IP and port, and test the created TCP or UDP socket.

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