Manage files and folders across small company and larger enterprise-level networks and easily delete, copy, move and create backups via this app.

  • XXCOPY Pro
  • Version :3.33.3
  • License :Trial
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Pixelab, Inc.

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XXCOPY Pro Description

XXCOPY Pro is a lightweight, but powerful piece of software that enables you to synchronize, copy, move, delete and create backups for the files and folders you are managing across the network.

Comes with a customizable command line console

After a quick download of the installation kit, you need to enter the password provided during the registration to access the archive. Afterwards, you are required to run the install.bat file and follow the instructions to setup the application in the desired location on your local drives.

Even though the program does not come with a user interface, you should know that it includes a console that allows you to customize the appearance of the console. Consequentially, you can increase or decrease the font size, specify a convenient screen buffer and window size and select the preferred colors for the text and background.

Considering that all the aforementioned modifications are made using precise numbers and the RGB channel, it is safe to assume that the application addresses advanced users mostly.

Permits you to move files and directories seamlessly

The idea behind the program is to provide you with a quick way to manage files across hundreds of computers quickly using commands. To put it simply, you can copy or move files and directories to multiple locations, create duplicates, delete the obsolete data or create backups with the partitions that contain critical documents.

As a side note, what makes the Pro version different from the other variants stems from the fact that the utility can be used across the network. Therefore, while XXCOPY can be employed with the local computer only, the Pro version can be easily used with more than 100 workstations that are connected across the network. In addition, the Pro version does not require a user response when the application prompts a message.

A handy app for managing files in a network

If you are managing a network with hundreds of computers and you count managing all sorts of files and directories among your job duties, then perhaps XXCOPY Pro might make your task faster and easier.

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