Manage files and folders on your personal computer or very small networks and easily delete, copy, move and create backups via this app.

  • XXCOPY Home
  • Version :3.33.3
  • License :Trial
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Pixelab, Inc.

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XXCOPY Home Description

XXCOPY Home is a utility developed for advanced users who are looking for a lightweight, yet fast and efficient tool to manage the files and folders on their computer.

Enables you to manage files and folders via commands

First off, you should know that you need to register to download the installation kit, as you also receive the password to unlock the archive along with other instructions in the email. In addition, you need to run the install.bat file and follow the instructions there to set up the utility on your PC.

The program does not feature an interface per se, but rather comes with a console similar to the Windows console line. The difference, however, is that you can personalize it by modifying its size and the colors for the background and text. Nevertheless, since you need to enter precise numbers to make the changes, the app might be intimidating for users with less technical skills.

Delete, move, copy and create backups of your files

Despite the fact of an interface, the utility allows you to perform a plethora of file managements tasks, including but not limited to copy, move or duplicate files, directories and partitions, create backups and delete the data that you have no use for. Moreover, you can search for file and directories based on the time and date stamps and filters.

While the application can be used to manage files across a network, you should know that the utility has fewer network capabilities compared to the Pro version. In fact, the Home version is recommended for small environments for up to 5 computers and it triggers warning prompts when you access features that are specific to XXCOPY Pro.

A tool that can help you manage your files more proficiently

While it does not include an interface, XXCOPY Home is a powerful tool that enables you to perform all the file management operations you would require faster on both your PC and a small network.

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