Xojo / Real Studio Plug-ins

A comprehensive and useful piece of software which aims to provide you with an extensive collection of plug-ins for Xojo to enhance its capabilities.

  • Xojo / Real Studio Plug-ins
  • Version : 17.3
  • License :Shareware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Monkeybread Software

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Xojo / Real Studio Plug-ins Description

Xojo / Real Studio Plug-ins is a complex and intuitive software package developed to offer users with a wide array of additional functions which they can work with in Xojo, in order to further improve its development capabilities.

Xojo is an development environment which aims to offer software programmers a simple means of creating standalone applications, through an Object Oriented platform. While it can prove very handy, this tool has a limited number of functions and components.

As such, Xojo / Real Studio Plug-ins tries to provide developers with new tools to further enhance the way in which they work with Xojo, enabling them to create new and original apps with complex features.

The downloaded archive comprises three main directories, specifically ‘Documentation’, ‘Plugins’ and ‘Examples’, as a means of assisting potential users in figuring out how to best benefit from Xojo / Real Studio Plug-ins.

The ‘Documentation’ folder includes multiple HTML files which help programmers better understand how to use the provided plugins, while the ‘Examples’ are meant to offer them a taste of tangible results which can be obtained with the help of Xojo / Real Studio Plug-ins.

The ‘Plugins’ directory features over sixty elements which can be integrated and used with Xojo, for instance MBS Xojo AVFoundation Plugin, MBS Xojo CanonEOSDigital Plugin, MBS Xojo CURL Plugin, MBS Xojo Cocoa Plugin, MBS Xojo GIF Plugin, MBS Xojo PHP Plugin, MBS Xojo QuickTime Plugin or MBS Xojo WinDragDrop Plugin, and many more.

Each plugin is made up multiple classes, methods and properties which can assist users in integrating supplementary functionality in their Xojo-built apps, enabling developers to create a wide range of desktop utilities, such as movie players, soundtrack extractors, screenshot grabbers, and many others, all while reducing the amount of effort they otherwise required.

System requirements

  • Xojo / Real Studio

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