Create a secure FTP, FTPS and SFTP server, manage all your connections from a web based dashboard, and transfer large quantities of data with ease.

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With the Internet quickly spreading across the globe, with technology boosting online work efficiency, speed, and storage space, servers are now a popular thing, and can even be set on home computer. In this regard, Server! comes with the means to create a FTP server, configure connections, and manage users.

A SuperAdmin handles all virtual servers

It’s best to install the application on the computer you plan to use as a server, although it’s not really necessary to handle all server options from the same computer. You can opt for a simple, or advanced installation, depending on what, and how you want to deploy from the package. MongoDB is a required component, but it’s automatically installed.

Before the actual server is configured, you’re asked to create a SuperAdmin account, which is the only one able to create, and manage virtual servers and licence information. The server is set up on a custom IP address, as well as a corresponding port, which is best to save, along with the SuperAdmin password, because they’re the only methods to connect, and manage options.

The good thing is you can manage your server from almost anywhere. This is because all configurations are performed in a web-based interface, with no requirements for a specific web browser.

Easily set up FTP/FTPS servers

Once connected as a SuperAdmin, you have full control over your server. Here, you can create different virtual servers, which don’t necessarily have to be on the computer the application is installed. The dashboard shows the list of virtual servers, with options to easily create a new one.

Required connection details to set up a virtual server are accessed either through an easy, or advanced setup. Bindings and ports need to be specified for one of the available methods like SSH2, FTP, or FTPS, as well as an admin account for server-side management options.

Unlike quick setup, advanced options can be used to select use of server, host name, maximum number of users and simultaneous connections, protocol details, as well as root folders for file saving.

User, storage, and security options

With a server up and running, it can be accessed from the administrator account associated to it. Realtime monitoring shows related values such as client sessions, and transfer speeds in both a graph, and detailed info fields.

In case the server isn’t really open to everyone, custom IP and network restrictions can be added. From the configured space, you can easily create new virtual file system with options to reserve physical space through quota.

Users are handled from a dedicated panel, with an easy setup process. However, new accounts can be created by others, with options to specify password requirements, and other security related options. For instance, SSH/SFTP key management options can be used to generate, or import keys encrypted with different algorithms.

Advanced management is possible through scripts, which can be created on the spot or uploaded, and can also serve as event handlers. Speed limits help avoid potential connection issues, especially when multiple connections are allowed.

On an ending note

To sum it up, Server! is a reliable application which is used to create FTP, FTPS, or SFTP servers with little effort. All operations are performed from an intuitive web-interface, split into SuperAdmin, and regular accounts. Encryption and security options make sure data remains safe, with options to blacklist custom addresses.

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