Calibrate and adjust certain parameters for your X3 Mini GIMBAL, including roll or pitch values and also head movement speed by turning to this application.

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X3 Mini GIMBAL Description

If one of your hobbies is piloting a drone, you probably understand how some software utilities can help you enhance the capabilities of your device.

Fortunately, nowadays the ever growing interest in technology provides you with a broad range of tools that you can rely on to achieve satisfactory results. One of the applications mentioned above is X3 Mini GIMBAL.

Please note that this program requires you to have an X3 Mini Gimbal (10009RC), a USB adapter and a Micro USB cable in order to unlock its entire potential.

No installation required

Since it is portable, you do not need to install this application on your computer so that you can access its functions. You just need to decompress the contents of the archive file it comes packed in and run the executable component.

More so, this tool does not modify any of your Windows registry entries, nor does it generate additional files or folders on your system.

Simplistic design

X3 Mini GIMBAL comes with a minimalistic layout and encompasses a handful of relevant controls, which can be easily operated by experienced users.

In case you require additional help, you can turn to the standard help manual. However, you cannot access it from the interface, but you have to open it manually from the archive.

Calibrate your GIMBAL

You can turn to this utility if you need to adjust certain parameters for your GIMBAL device quickly and without considerable efforts.

After you install the device on your model, you need to connect it to your computer through USB and specify a valid port by choosing it from the combo menu. You can use this tool to perform attitude corrections, such as adjusting the roll or pitch values and also change the heading following mode.

Lightweight GIMBAL calibration utility

To wrap it up, X3 Mini GIMBAL is a reliable tool that can help you perform various adjustments for your GIMBAL. It comes with a simple user interface, packs a handful of practical features and also provides you with a help manual, which you can turn to whenever you encounter certain difficulties.

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