RC EYE Tweaker

Tweak your RC Eye device by updating its firmware version and configuring several parameters with this lightweight software solution.

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RC EYE Tweaker Description

If you own and pilot a drone, you are probably aware that you need to perform certain configuration operations to make it fit your needs better.

In case you find yourself in the situation depicted above, you can turn to specialized third-party software solutions, such as RC EYE Tweaker, which can help you achieve adequate results.

Non-sophisticated setup

Deploying this utility on your system can be accomplished in an effortless manner since you are not required to run any complicated configuration steps.

You just need to provide the installer with a valid destination path on your computer, toggle desktop shortcut creation and follow the on-screen instructions.

Simple user interface

RC EYE Tweaker comes with a minimalistic design that packs a handful of functions, which can be accessed relatively quickly since there are no hidden menus, windows or panes whatsoever.

However, since most of its controls are technical, a medium to advanced set of PC skills is required so that you can understand and operate them to their full extent. A standard user guide is available and can be accessed from the main window, thus helping you familiarize with its capabilities with ease.

Update firmware version, adjust parameters

This tool can help you tweak your RC Eye by providing you with various useful tools, including a firmware version updater and an extensive configuration menu.

After you connect your device to the computer, you can update its firmware directly from the main window. However, if you want to modify certain parameters, you need to do so via the settings window, by clicking the dedicated Configuration button.

Among the adjustable values, you can find Elevator Expo, Yaw Factor, Throttle maximum, Flight Leveling and Emergency Gas. After you are satisfied with your current settings, you can save the profile to your computer and load it later, if necessary.

Calibrate your RC Eye and update its firmware version effortlessly

All in all, RC EYE Tweaker is a handy application that can help you tweak various components for your RC Eye, including firmware version and several other parameters, in an effortless manner. It comes with a minimalistic, user-friendly interface, encompasses a handful of intuitive functions and also provides you with a standard help manual.

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