WPF Controls

You can easily generate and implement a large series of WPF controls in your applications, with the help of this comprehensive bundle.

  • WPF Controls
  • Version : 2017.1 Build 0652
  • License :Trial
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Actipro Software LLC

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WPF Controls Description

WPF Controls is a bundle of programming tools that allows you to implement feature-rich controls in your applications.

The utility enables you to work with WPF development tools in order to generate controls such as barcode readers, data grids, editors, micro charts, property grids or syntax editors.

You may also generate multi-views workspaces, shared libraries, charts, docking and MDI tools. Additionally, you can create graphic elements that can be included into applications, such as gauges, ribbons, themes and wizards.

WPF Controls supports add-ons that can help you implement specialized syntax editors for certain programming languages: Python, .NET or Web-compliant scripts.

The tool includes a large collection of samples that you can inspire from or use in the development of your applications. It allows you to create visually appealing tools that can facilitate the user experience with your program.

Each type of control that you can generate is described and exemplified so that you can take full advantage of the capabilities of WPF Controls.

The utility can integrate with Visual Studio and offer you the means to generate controls, at just a few mouse clicks away. It is also compatible with the Expression Blend designer enhancements.

Given its structure, the tool is specialized for implementing functions and applications for Windows. It is a comprehensive bundle that is suitable for designing various types of controls: from syntax highlighters to charts, wizards and docking tools.

Moreover, WPF Controls offers you reliable pre-obfuscated codes that you can use in the application development.

It includes a comprehensive documentation that can help you in any type of program you are creating and facilitate the development process. A complete list of the controls you can generate is available in the tool’s documentation.

System requirements

  • .NET Framework 4.0 or later

Limitations in the unregistered version

  • 30 days trial

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