Super Prize Egg

Design giveaways or promotions with this egg-themed application that allows you to control the size of the breakable eggs and to insert customized pictures.

  • Super Prize Egg
  • Version : 2.1.6
  • License :Demo
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :SoftRM

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Super Prize Egg Description

Raffles and similar marketing promotions are great methods of keeping customers happy and loyal to one’s business. These programs have to walk a fine line between design and functionality, as they must appeal to the tastes of the wider public, but also allow shop managers the ability to customize the final package to their business needs. Super Prize Egg is one such application that allows users to create egg-themed raffles.

Create original product lotteries

Specifically, users have to break customizable eggs to retrieve prizes ‘hidden’ inside. The application requires no programming or software development skills on the side of users, as all GUI elements are hard-coded. Although this means one cannot substitute eggs for other elements, most other physical characteristics can be customized.

For example, users are free to change the size of the eggs, their position, as well as the text written on these objects. Customized images can be inserted, both on the elements themselves, but also on ‘breaking’ events. With the latter option, users can define a custom image to be displayed once an egg is broken.

Customize eggs by adjusting their size, color, and text

With this program, users can insert up to 100 prize items and the tool also allows one to adjust the promotional vouchers. These are created based on a template that can be modified concerning all major features, including the fonts or the pictures employed.

Once satisfied with the initial parameters, users are free to preview their product raffle, by clicking the “Run” toolbar button. This allows one to test the promotion, as it would be presented in a retail store.

The program allows users to create raffle-type egg-themed games

To conclude, Super Prize Egg is a good tool for small and mid-size business in the retail market and commonly running lottery-type marketing promotions.

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