World Route

Displays all the gateways your Internet data goes through, alongside their IP addresses and locations, and shows you the complete data route on a map.

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World Route Description

Mostly designed for network administrators, World Route is a networking utility that offers a visually-appealing alternative to the classic traceroute (tracert) command. What World Route does is track the route path of your Internet data and display all the nodes it goes through on a map, rather than the list you see in the Windows console’s output.

A well-fitted GUI for the traceroute command

World Route’s interface consists of a single window, with no menus and options to deal with. And since it provides a frontend for the traceroute command, it doesn’t need more than that. Its GUI is split into two separate panels, one for displaying the nodes and the other for showing the route on a world map.

The application only requires you to enter the domain name or the IP address you want it to process and press ‘Enter’ to start. It then traces the packet route back and calculates the total round-trip time needed to establish the connection. World Route also determines the total distance the data travels and the number of hops.

Check nodes and transit delays of packets

The left side of the interface displays a list of all the nodes the data passes through, alongside individual transit delays, IP addresses and location (city and country).

Clicking on a node points out its location on the map on the right side of the main window, a map which you can zoom in and out whenever you want to.

Simple interface for running domain traceroute

World Route is nothing more than a replacement for the traceroute command you can run in the Windows command prompt or online tracerouting services. Just like the tracert command, it estimates the total distance and the round-trip time of your data packets. The difference is that it draws the entire route on a map.

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