Create a Wi-Fi hotspot and share your Internet connection with any wireless-enables device thanks to this simple and handy application.

  • HostedNetworkStarter
  • Version:1.15
  • License :Freeware
  • OS:Windows All
  • Publisher:Nir Sofer

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HostedNetworkStarter Description

Smartphones and tablets usually have integrated hotspot creation options but that is not the case with regular desktop computers. It is possible to share your wired Internet connection with other devices in case no wireless router is available but this operation requires a bit of experience with the command prompt. An easier way is to use an application that can create and configure the new hosted network for you. One of the many choices out there is suggestively called HostedNetworkStarter.

Configure and create a Wi-Fi hotspot

Following a simple setup process, you are introduced to a well-organized interface and prompted to enter the details for the new hosted network. To initiate a new connection, you must enter the desired network name (SSID) and the security key, for start. For your convenience, HostedNetworkStarter can be instructed to remember the network key and include it in the configuration file, with or without encrypting the data (it is advisable you encrypt the data so as not to risk exposing your password).

You can also choose the connection you want to share via the hosted network and set a maximum number of connected devices, in order to avoid overcrowding the network.

Monitor the state of the hosted network

The network state, along with device GUIDs and names, the MAC address, channel number and a few statistical data regarding the transfer speed, the amount of transmitted data, or the number of connected clients are displayed in the main windows of HostedNetworkStarter.

All the connected clients are included in a separate list, along with their MAC addresses, device company and the connection time. Users can easily generate a HTML report containing all the data and export it to their computer for later reference.

Create a Wi-Fi hotspot with ease

HostedNetworkStarter makes it possible for anyone to turn their computer into a Wi-FI hotspot and share the wired Internet connection with any wireless-enabled device. And while the same result can be obtained via the command prompt, such an application offers a more elegant, effective and easy to use alternative.

HostedNetworkStarter Video Guide

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