Workbook Manager for Microsoft Excel

Handle Excel spreadsheets with ease, by using this straightforward add-in that features tools for sorting, renaming and printing.

  • Workbook Manager for Microsoft Excel
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Workbook Manager for Microsoft Excel Description

Managing numerous Microsoft Office Excel spreadsheets can be a challenging task, especially if users do not have good structuring skills. Working with multiple workbooks and datasets can easily turn people’s worksheets into a cluttered, chaotic undertaking. Workbook Manager for Microsoft Excel is an add-in that will help users maintain an organized spreadsheet structure, by managing them in a dedicated side-panel.

Minimalist add-in that will allow one to easily handle multiple Excel spreadsheets with ease

After the straightforward installation process, the add-in will be available under the Ablebits Utilities tab of users’ installation of Microsoft Office Excel. Offering a single, main menu, once opened, the add-in will list a hierarchical spreadsheet structure, in accordance with the loaded data.

Using the provided list viewer, people will be able to easily sort the preferred spreadsheets, access their corresponding page setup or rename them, in just two mouse clicks. This is quite useful, as it saves users from manually navigating to the preferred spreadsheet in order to access such options.

Manage Excel spreadsheets with ease, with this add-in that offers a centralized workbook manager

The add-in will offer several quick-access buttons, which allow one to easily create new workbooks, worksheets, charts or dialog boxes. Experienced users will also be able to define new macros and initialize them, all from the same, centralized interface.

In addition to its worksheet management features, Workbook Manager for Microsoft Excel also carries several predefined spreadsheets, which might serve as good templates for novices. A minor drawback could be the fact that no in-depth information about the spreadsheets is offered in the list viewer and this could have been useful for some users.

Capable Excel add-in that will help people handle their spreadsheets with ease, from a centralized interface

This add-in addresses those who are looking for a friendly solution that could help them manage multiple Excel spreadsheets from a single interface. It will provide them with a listing of the loaded content and it will offer several quick-access buttons for features such as sorting, renaming or printing. Considering its easy-to-handle tools and unobtrusive nature, Workbook Manager for Microsoft Excel might gain strong popularity among Excel users.

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