Learning Tools for OneNote

A suite of tools integrated into OneNote that are specifically designed to help students with learning deficiencies or those who want to learn a new language on their own.

  • Learning Tools for OneNote
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Learning Tools for OneNote Description

Designed to add text-to-voice and dictation capabilities to OneNote, the Learning Tools add-in is particularly useful to students with learning deficiencies (such as dyslexia), as well as those who want to learn English on their own or improve their current reading and writing skills.

Reads out loud any note and text in OneNote

Once Learning Tools is installed, a new tab is displayed in OneNote’s ribbon. The range of tools is not overwhelming, it only comprises the ‘Immersive Reader’ and a dictation tool.

The Immersive Reader displays the text in a different view, in full screen, where the user can listen to the text being read out loud. Learning Tools uses Microsoft’s built-in voices, while also allowing one to download new voices. The reading speed can be adjusted to a pace that matches the user’s comprehension level.

Improves the reading, writing, and grammar skills of its users

As the text is read, the current word and line are highlighted. The text size, word spacing, font style, and the background color are customizable, all aiming to help the user create a productive and comfortable learning environment.

Additionally, the Immersive Reader bundles a few tools that can help users comprehend the text and improve their grammar skills. For instance, verbs, nouns, and adjectives are automatically identified and highlighted in different colors. Moreover, each word can be divided into syllables.

Built-in dictation tool for OneNote

By default, the Immersive Reader only comes with English text-to-speech voices, but new languages can be added with ease. Nevertheless, one can dictate to OneNote using the dedicated tool in some of the most widely-used languages, namely English, French, German, Spanish, and Italian.

Although using simple options, the Learning Tools add-in manages to add OneNote the features it needs to provide users with learning problems and those who want to improve their language skills a good educational environment.

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