WMS Log Storage Professional Edition

Generate detailed reports from raw Windows Media Services log files and view information about your websites’ visitors and their sessions.

  • WMS Log Storage Professional Edition
  • Version:6.0 Build 0529
  • License :Trial
  • OS:Windows All
  • Publisher:ExactTrend

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WMS Log Storage Professional Edition Description

If you are a website administrator and need a quick, convenient way to access complex statistics about it, you might consider turning to third-party software solutions, as it might be the best course of action.

One of the applications that can come in handy in the situation described above is WMS Log Storage Professional Edition since it provides you with a wide variety of relevant details.

Simplistic layout

Although it packs a broad range of functions, this application provides you with a minimalistic interface, visually-wise. Its menus are mainly wizard-like. Therefore, you can benefit from step-by-step guidance throughout most of the actions you want to perform.

However, aside from its intuitive configuration wizards, this application also offers you a detailed help manual, so that you can understand and operate its functions even more efficiently.

Analyze Media Services logs

You can turn to WMS Log Storage Professional Edition if you need an efficient log analyzer for Media Services. It is compatible with Windows Media Services and Adobe Flash Media Server log files, depending on your needs.

It features support for W3C Windows Media Services format and can export the resulting analyzed log to CSV. Additionally, it is capable of extracting compressed logs, automatically recognize the formats, process batches of items and even download logs from databases, FTP, a web address or a local path on your PC.

Provides you with relevant data

This program can offer you a broad variety of relevant information about your website, which ranges from activity, visitor country, referring sites, file access statistics, unique IPs, publishing points or referrers.

If you want to access more in-depth information, this application also provides you with individual analysis for each file on your server, which includes a number of hits, previous values and the number of visitors. You can also view server statistics, operating systems versions, user agents and browser versions of your visitors.

Handy Media Services log analyzer

All in all, WMS Log Storage Professional Edition is a reliable application that can help you analyze media services logs in a quick, convenient manner and provides you with a wide amount of relevant data. It comes with an average (visually-wise), yet feature-rich interface that packs wizard-like menus and a detailed help manual that you can turn to in case you encounter difficulties.

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