Syslog Watcher

Easily capture syslog data from network appliances or systems, with this application that includes both a server side and desktop components.

  • Syslog Watcher
  • Version:4.8.6
  • License :Trial
  • OS:Windows All
  • Publisher:SnmpSoft Company

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Syslog Watcher Description

Syslog Watcher is a complex application designed to help you collect, parse, analyze and store logs from network adapters, servers, devices or software. The tool can monitor firewalls, switches, routers, modems as easily as network hosts for various operating systems.

Simple to use syslog capturing tool

Syslog Watcher is simple to install, features an intuitive interface and can easily run as a network monitor or a local audit tool. The Syslog Watcher service is one of the most notable functions of the program and allows it to monitor local appliances.

You can also connect to it remotely and monitor the available network appliances. You can use the service to UDP or TCP/IP protocols, with IPv4 and IPv6 networks.

The utility can collect syslogs from dedicated forwarders or even from other pieces of software that can produce and transfer their own logs via syslog.

Store information for parsing and analysis

Syslog Watcher uses a special storage space for previous logs, which works similar to a database, except it features optimized functions. In other words, the syslog storage space is specially designed to match with the specific requirements of the syslog server.

The parsing function in Syslog Watcher can easily detect and interpret the syslog messages it receives, based on their specifications. The dedicated parser first analyzes the messages, in an attempt to determine their source and type, so that it can appropriately handle their particularities. Of course, it supports the standard the syslog format, RFC3164.

Easily exporting syslogs

Syslog Watcher is capable of exporting syslog messages to ODBC-compliant databases, as well as to local files. It supports saving data to XML, CSV or TXT files, plus it allows you to manually select the entries you wish to export. The tool also allows you to split the exported file, according to your requirements.

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