Wireless Workshop

Change your CDMA phone’s settings and work with a different carrier with the help of this intuitive application that comes with support for various phone models.

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Wireless Workshop Description

Wireless Workshop is an application designed to offer you a simple means of flashing your phone.

The utility enables you to perform both partial and full flashes, meaning that you can simply change your phone’s carrier or completely reinstall its operating system.

Wireless Workshop displays a more than comprehensive interface which enables you to easily carry out the flashing process. It offers an automated flashing tool which makes the entire task almost effortless. All you have to do is select the original and new carriers, phone manufacturer, model and finally the type of flash. With your phone connected and recognized by the application, you enter the MDN, MIN and SID values then click the “Flash” button.

The same workflow is used when flashing Apple devices. Wireless Workshop is compatible with the latest iOS versions and can help you change the service provider for both iPhone and iPad devices.

Wireless Workshop uses CDMA or ‘code division multiple access’ to communicate with your phone. This allows you to resolve various problems that a phone might experience, reset the lock code and of course, flash the device. Using this combination of features, you can restore the functionality of a phone that was previously flashed but in an unsuccessful way.

With this tool it seems you have all the aspects of flashing covered. You are able to access the phone’s number assignment module, prefered roaming list and the EVDO or ‘Enhanced Voice-Data Optimized’ standard.

Wireless Workshop is a complex utility in what it can do but you do need to use it preferably after you successfully create a backup of your phone. The application is built to take into consideration various risks that may occur but even so it’s best to take precautions.

In closing, Wireless Workshop is a tool to be taken into consideration whenever you want to restore a phone to its factory settings and flash it.

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