Rom Helper

Modify smartphone ROMs, add SuperSU to them and pre-install APKs with the help of this snappy, straightforward piece of software.

  • Rom Helper
  • Version :10.1.1508.04
  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :ivy.zhou

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Rom Helper Description

One of the most popular trends among smartphone users today is to install modified software on mobile devices, which results in a new, customized experience when compared to what the stock operating system has to offer.

The installation of such software, or ROMs, is not very complicated, but making modifications to an ROM is a more complex process, one that usually requires advanced knowledge. Rom Helper is an application that can help users modify ROMs for their smartphones much easier than before.

An intuitive GUI (Graphical User Interface)

The program has been designed with straightforward looks that provide users with fast access to its various functions. Thus, the program can prove a suitable option even for those users who are beginners.

With the help of this tool, users can make a variety of modifications to their ROMs, can add or remove APKs from them, can change the boot image, and can alter the default permissions. The software also includes support for splitting system images into smaller files.

Java-sign ROMs and unpack IMG files

The application enables users to add one key root to ROMs and includes support for adding the SuperSU root component as well. It can also be used to alter files. Users can also take advantage of this tool when it comes to Java-signing ROMs.

The utility has been designed with support for both system and user data img files and can also be used to update the MD5 file when splitting merging imgs or merging them into a single file.

A snappy, reliable tool

The program can load a full system.img file in a matter of seconds and is also fast when it comes to repackaging it after applying various modifications. It also allows users to keep track of the progress of the performed operations, directly on its main window.

All in all, Rom Helper is a snappy too that can prove handy for a variety of users. It allows them to modify the ROMs of mobile devices, to add or remove APKs from them, to modify permissions, change the boot.img file, and include root components if needed.

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