Create hot corners on your screen with the help of this lightweight application that enables you to trigger events with your mouse.

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WinXCorners Description

The work style of each and every one of us is marked by specific habits that, if paid enough attention, could actually prove quite beneficial to our productivity.

This is precisely the principle based on which an application such as WinXCorners was designed since it puts to good use the movements of your mouse, which can thus trigger hot corners you are free to customize as you see fit.

Lightweight tool that hides in the systray

The first thing you need to know about WinXCorners is that, before anything else, it favors the ease of use and navigation. That means that, once you have installed it, the app hides in the system tray so that you are not bothered by its presence in any way.

The installation process is hassle-free, and the program’s GUI is also minimalist and should raise no issues whatsoever when configuring it. As for how this should be done, things are straightforward, and you simply need to select the task you want to trigger once you hover with the corners of your screen with the mouse.

Can create hot corners on your screen

You can thus start your screensaver, reveal the desktop, show all windows so that you effortlessly switch between them, or turn off your monitor simply by moving the mouse in the corner associated with the task.

However, if you want to temporarily disable hot corners, you can do that as well, with the mention that your settings are preserved for when you decide to come back, which is obviously a plus.

Handy tool that improves your workflow

On an ending note, WinXCorners is a lightweight and handy application that helps you benefit from hot corners meant to save you considerable time when performing simple but repetitive actions such as revealing the desktop or all your windows. It is a subtle app from all points of view, enforcing its very purpose of increasing productivity.

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