Ear Force Audio Hub

Update the firmware of your Turtle Beach devices and manage all the chat and the game presets with the help of this simple application.

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Ear Force Audio Hub Description

Ear Force Audio Hub is a proprietary software solution designed for users of Turtle Beach devices. It acts as a firmware checker and updater, and a preset manager as well, providing support for numerous device models.

The connected device should automatically be recognized by the application. If this does not happen, please make sure you have the latest version of the device driver installed on your computer.

Depending on the device model you connect to Ear Force Audio Hub, the application will display different settings. In general, it provides a few customization and control features for your headset or microphone, but it is mostly used for updating the firmware to the latest version to get the device working properly.

In case a headset is connected to the Ear Force Audio Hub, the application enables you to manage game and chat presets without too much effort. In fact, you can replace a preset by overwriting it. Please make sure you don’t disconnect the device while Ear Force Audio Hub performs a preset replacement or any other similar action.

When connecting a microphone such as the Steam Mic, Ear Force Audio Hub enables you to live test it and adjust all the settings. Ear Force Audio Hub features an audio EQ and gives you the freedom to tamper with numerous other configuration options.

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